Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little/Shelton Christmas

The day after Christmas we had planned to drive to our parents after church. With all the snow, church was canceled and we were hoping we could get there. We left a little before lunch time when the snow had slowed a bit. We were able to celebrate with both sides of our family and spend great time with everyone. Spence and I even went on a couple dates while there. (If you are in the Greensboro area, you have got to visit Delicious bakery on Lawndale, seriously it's... well delicious)
Anyhoo, the boys were spoiled silly with so much attention and had a great time (except that Ben decided to cut his bottom molars and not sleep AT ALL while we were there)

Shelton Family (we totally just happened to coordinate)

Bampa and Nana with the boys

Sophia with her Super Spy glasses

YaYa and PawPaw with the boys

Pop (Spence's grandpa) and the boys

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ImaYaYa said...

Fun times.. fun times!!