Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Minute to Win It Small Group Style

Can I say how much Spence and I love and believe in small groups? This is how our church does adult disciopleship. We meet weekly in our home with about 14 other adults and a handful of kids. We study the Bible, we pray, we eat, we live life, and we have fun.

This week at group, we decided to have a Christmas party. Ya'll know how much we like Minute to Win It, so Spence and I set up our party to spread the love a little bit. We played boys versus girls, and I hate to say that the boys won. The girls only had 4 teammates though, so we will use that as our excuse ;) We played Deer Nose Dive (trying to stick a pom pom to your vaseline covered nose), Face the Cookie (getting a cookie from your forehead to your mouth only using your face muscles), Christmas Bite (getting five bags to different spots of the house using only your mouth to pick them up, carry them, and put them down), and last was Snowball Fight (using computer paper, create snowballs and throw them onto the opponents side, whoever has the least on their side at the time, wins). Here is a video of one of our snowball fights. Check back tomorrow for what Zeke did during the party.


ImaYaYa said...

Looks like fun!! You should do that here.. Frankie Rogers will no doubt find a way to cheat... 'cause you know he does.. haha...

Melissa said...

I work at NBC's Minute To Win It and saw you played our games at your event. We're always looking for fan video clips. If you're interested in sharing your video with NBC please email me at Melissakmorkus@gmail.com.