Friday, December 17, 2010

Random cuteness

Here are just a bunch of pictures that have been floating around in a folder waiting to be blogged. Although, I think this first one may have already been done, oh well who can resist that face!

After a much appreciated dinner

Zeke's pizza face

1st ever cup of hot chocolate (anyone else hear the Polar Express song?)

Our new favorite activity. We wrestle, we make trains, we play king of the pillow, and so much more with our couch cusions and pillows.


Windot said...

That much cuteness should be illegal! I love boys! Ethan LOVES to take the couch cushions off. His favorite though is stacking them up and jumping off the couch and landing on the pile. But it does make him flip off and seems a bit dangerous. Ha! But that is a boy for ya.

Bobby and Brooke said...

This post makes me smile...all of the cuteness, messy faces, and fun memories!!! Love them all!

(PS Brenden's favorite pillow cushion activity is to lay them all over the house like a path to play "wipe out"...makes his mommy crazy!)

ImaYaYa said...