Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby Got Back... Problems that is...

I know, I know... my title is completely inappropriate. But hey, I gotta find some humor somewhere in all of this

I just included this picture, for those of you who can't come to the blog with out one

If you need background please go read this post.

We went to the pediatric surgeon Friday. We saw his xrays and saw that his bottom 3 vertabrae are all out of whack. Two are fused and one is just funky shaped. The doctor also said there wasn't much "disc" between them. They are going to monitor him for progressive scoliosis (sp?) We have an MRI sceduled for December 15. This is to determine if there is anyting going on with his spinal cord. It could be that it is tethered. If that is the case he will need to have surgery. Depending on if he has scoliosis or not and the severity of it he may need surgery. So, no more real answers right now, but that is where we are. We still have our orthopaedic appointment next Tuesday at 1:00.

Our plan right now is to gather as much info as possible about our little guy and then we will analyze everything to make a decision. While it was scary to see our sons xray and see that his body is messed up, I could hear God whispering that He made him and that Benjamin is fearfully and wonderfully made. When we were sitting and hearing about a possiblity of having a major surgery with followups every 6 months for adjustments, I was busy listening while wrangling him from climbing the exam table and pulling down the curtains. So, the doctors may have been telling me that there is something "wrong" with my son, but God is telling me and showing me His truths through His word and just by watching my sweet boy.

We still covet your prayers as we are on this journey. I have appreciated all of you who have contacted me. I know I have not been so great about getting back to most of you, but trust me that I am holding them close to my heart.


ImaYaYa said...

my sweet, sweet boy..
Love you baby...

Lori Gail said...

We're praying for you and your fam!