Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rain can't hold us down

Rain on Halloween?! Could there be anything more cruel?! Spence called from work and asked what we should do. I immediately began naming friends who grew up in the north and trick or treated through the snow. I said we would press on unless the kids refused to go out.
We had planned for our small group to set up a table with hot chocolate, apple cider, and candy like last year. We did decide to just have them hand out candy from inside the house instead. We got ready and headed out:

our wild animals

yucky yucky weather

Ben tried to go inside our neighbors house

this is 1 of 2 houses we actually got candy from, no one else had their lights on

my boys with some of our small group friends

This was at about the time that we realized our neighborhood was lame this year. Seriously, 2 houses? Come on! We acted fast and called back to the house and had our sweet sweet friends hide through out our house. This is how the rest of our trick or treating went:

Robert hid behind the play kitchen set

Alex hid underneath blankets in Zeke's room

Then the group came back downstairs The boys dumped their candy to show everyone their goods.

Zeke realized the superiority of Reese's Cups over Tootsie Rolls

Ben scoping out Zeke's goods

The tiger carefully watches the giraffe's observations

Then Benjamin decided he did not want more pictures taken:

no more mommy!

no, stop!

no, pictures!

seriously, mom

Zeke on the other hand hammed it up!

As soon as he put on his costume, he yelled "now let's sing a song!"

Sweet adoration

The boys pretty much think Alex is their personal punching bag

Zeke then became our candy-giver-outer. He seriously liked this part the most. The doorbell rang and the kid went all frantic, running to get the candy (that we had to keep out of reach of Ben who kept grabbing handfuls of snickers and asking to put them into his pumpkin), and demanding to be the one to open the door and give each kid 1 piece (yeah he was stingy)

I am so in love with this sweet boy

He was so worn out from the day this is how he fell asleep,

if we are gonna be honest, it's actually how we roll in Durham

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YaYa *Cyndi* said...

Love it!! I know these boys will have happy, happy memories of Halloween trick or treating! LOL..