Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

Leading up to Halloween, anytime you asked Zeke what he was going to be, he responded with "hmmm..." So, I was a little worried, but our wild animals had a blast Halloween. Zeke wasn't too excite about actually putting on his costume, until he saw Ben dressed up. By the end of the night, I was a little worried he was going to bed as a giraffe. Zeke took about 2 houses to warm up, and then it was ON. At each house, he would say "Trick or Treat, thank you, Happy Halloween, I wanna go to nother house". On the houses that would just offer the bucket of candy, he would hold up one finger and say "Just one" and carefully choose the perfect piece.
Ben and Spence returned home to give out candy and hot beverages to our neighbors with the rest of our small group. By the time, Zeke and I wandered back, Ben was asleep and our house was so fun with all our friends hanging out in the driveway. Zeke turned on his party mode and danced the night away. At one point I was asked how much candy he had had, and my response was NONE. At the very end of the night I shared a mini bag of M&M's, so he had maybe 3.
It was so much fun and I can't wait til next year when Ben can enjoy it as well.

Ben the Monkey

Zeke the Giraffe

Do you see him Mom?

Spence told people he was a lumberjack

Happy Halloween from the Sheltons

When we asked for the boys to take a pic, Z kept bumping B with his booty

Are you ready?


Ready to get some CANDY!

My favorite part of the costume

Back home with a pumpkin full!


Tori said...

are you kidding me? This is so stinking cute!!!!!!!!!

ImaYaYa said...

Such cute wild animals!!! Glad you had fun!!
Zeke looks like you put booty pop underwear on him... hahah.. too cute!

Melody said...


Bobby and Brooke said...

Adorable! It looks like ya'll had a great night of fun for all.