Saturday, November 20, 2010

Natural Science Center

While Spence was in Texas for a few days, the boys and I stayed at YaYa and PawPaw's. We had fun hanging with our cousins and playing on the farm. One day we visited the Natural Science Center in Greensboro. If you are zoo members you can get in half off. I didn't get many pictures because I was a little busy chasing two wild boys. We only did the outdoor stuff, but we had fun!

Ben in the Lemur tunnel

Sophie & Maddie in the lemur tunnel

Z in the submarine

Z loved this, it was just water splashing all over to the beat of music playing.
While we watched it was actually a booty shaking song and he showed off his moves a bit
The best I could get of the four of them together

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ImaYaYa said...

Beautiful grandbabies I have there!!
Glad you came up.. I loved it!!