Monday, November 8, 2010


Spence and I recently decided we needed a little something to supplement his income. I chose Thirty-One because I love the company and the products are fabulous. It is a faith based company with an affordable product. We sell bags, stationary, key fobs, and all kinds of cute things that all women would love. I have my first party tomorrow at 7. If you are in the area and I didn't get you an invite, please feel free to stop by and shop. If you don't know my address, just comment me your email and I can send you my info. If you want more info about what we have to offer check out my website. If you can't come but would like to see a catalog in person, or are interested in hosting a party, you can also comment and get me your email. It's the perfect time to have a party, all the bags are great for Christmas gifts. AND right now, if you order $31 worth of stuff, you get a free zipper pouch. They are great for makeup, crayons and paper, diapers and wipes, and so much more! In order to get them in time for Christmas, we need to have a party by December 11.

And because I can't leave you with out a picture, check out one of my sweet babies in one of my bags:

Bag sold with out child
(but if you make a good offer we might can work something out, hehe)


ImaYaYa said...

I'll take the bag with the content please.. embroider YaYa on the side and we're good to go!
I'm so excited for you to try this venture~! Good luck.. you have the personality and drive to succeed~!!
Loveyou, meanit!

Pam said...

I love Thirty One products!! I just might have to look at a catalog! ;)

Shaynah Jerrell said...

Courtney - one of the reps from this company came to the school I teach at last week! I love the stuff! Had I known, I would have ordered from you... next time... I promise.