Sunday, November 7, 2010

13 months

Benjamin is over a year now. It's so weird. I feel like this past month has been a bit surreal for me with me just realizing that we really did make it through that year. I hate to admit it, especially if there are any mamas who aren't at this stage yet that are reading, but we are definitely at a harders tage than we were when I had a 14 month old and a newborn. Between Zeke's tantrums and Ben's still not sleeping, life is still pretty chaotic. I figure that every stage is going to have its ups and downs, so I need to just get used to it :)
Ben is really at that cute stage, here are some of the fun things he is doing:
*wears size 3 diapers
*can still wear 6-9 month clothes, but also wears some 12 months stuff (definitely not pants though, they fall right off)
*eats more than a grown man
*getting much more confident with walking- consistently taking 6+ steps
*has pushed himself into standing from sitting once
*LOVES Zeke and wants to be with him all the time
*enjoys reading and will sit and pull all the books off the shelf looking at each one
*turning into a parrot, repeating lots of our words
*can say- mama, dada, horse, fish, light, night, bye, hey, wow, uh oh, EH!, nack (for snack)
*main mode of transportation is cruising
*still waking up at night most nights
*loves that paci
*climber, and very adventurous- scares this mama!

Does not like when another baby is around- and seriously freaks out if I hold it
see how he is keeping watch over his cousin Jace?

He has no fear and will try anything

This is how I found him while I was cleaning up the kitchen

He had his first painting experience- look for pictures later this week

playing at the life and science museum

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