Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey for Breakfast AND Dinner

Our neighborhood friends got together for breakfast Thanksgiving morning. We had monkey bread, fruit, coffe, and hot chocolate. It was a blast and I hope we have started a tradition. We all ate, played, watched the parade, and some even planned their Black Friday shopping (some meaning all the women except me).

Thursday afternoon we headed over to the Atwood's for a yummy meal with wonderful friends. I was too busy chasing around children who were emptying bowls full of cheerios onto the kitchen floor or wiping up spills of cups full of tea to take any pictures.

Some of the kiddos enjoying their breakfast

Sweet Vale

Ben L.O.V.E.D. monkey bread

Nolan is such a cutie!

In the background is all four daddies

Can't help but sing the Hot Chocolate song from The Polar Express

Mike, Nolan, Gio, and Ben

This is the only way to get Vale and Ben to interact ;)

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ImaYaYa said...

hahaha... Ben looks like he would rather be anywhere than near that cutie pie!