Friday, November 12, 2010

Date Night

Spence and I have been a bit lax about our date nights for the last two months. I decided November we were going to start off with a bang. November is my turn to plan. I chose a RED theme to our date. We ate at RED Bowl in Cary (we had a livingsocial deal ,yay). We are currently reading through 10 Great Dates to Energize Your Marriage. (We got engaged while reading through 10 Great Dates Before You Say I Do)This was date one. It was really fun to talk about our dating days and our early days of marriage. We also discussed what we think is great in our marriage and what we think we could work on. Dinner went by quickly reminiscing. Afterwards, I gave Spencer an envelope with a scavenger hunt to find RED items. He had to do this in 30 minutes and document with pictures. He chose to go to Harris Teeter. On the inside, I was laughing at him because I just knew there was no way he could do it. 2 minutes and 20 seconds later, we stop the timer and have these memories:

RED car

Sign with RED letters

Something RED to eat

RED flowers

RED shirt (yeah, he had to ask that guy to pose with him, hehe)


Bobby and Brooke said...

I love it! Love ya'll!

ImaYaYa said...

bahahahaha... you guys!!

Sarah said...

you guys are awesome!