Thursday, November 18, 2010

Visiting Angels

A couple weeks ago, we visited Meredith College for the Cornhuskin' Parade. Cornhuskin' is one of the MANY traditions at Meredith, and I really do not have the space/time to go into it. All I can say is "You just have to experience it" which is what every freshman hears until Friday night goes down. Fridays events are kicked off with a parade each year. As you go through Meredith, you get to add cooler things to your part of the parade. By the time you are a Senior, you have fire trucks, every kind of car imaginable, NC State's mascots, and anything else you have access to. This of course made for a fun time for my boys. I didn't get any actual parade pictures (to be honest it would just be a little weird to have pictures of random girls we don't know).

We enjoyed hanging out before the parade started

The boys and I posing in the front drive


ImaYaYa said...

Home sweet Home...

Jenn & David said...

what a great event to take your boys to! I know you enjoyed reliving the memories :)

Sarah said...

yay!! love you big!