Thursday, November 10, 2011

Naps on a happy note

Since Ben was forced to give up his beloved paci, going down has been rough.  He never asks for his paci, but things have definitely changed.  Before taking it, he would ask to go to bed or nap.  Now he cries for about 10 minutes no matter what. 
Ben is also one of those kids who is generally just mad at the world when he wakes up.  It does not matter if he has had enough sleep or not.  He is just not so pleasant when he wakes up.  (after having Zeke someone told me that if the kid wakes up crying that means they need more sleep... this is TOTALLY not true with Ben)  We have no idea where he could possibly get this waking up crankiness, cough cough but it definitely couldn't be from his sleep LOVING mama.
We have found that Ben quickly snaps out of his nasty 'tude if Zeke is around so I generally have Zeke go in to him after nap.  One day, Zeke asked to get in the bed with Ben.  Here's how they played for almost 30 minutes.

Zeke asked for books to read to Ben 

I think Ben got bored 

So they decided to make it a party 

And finished up with 5 Little Monkeys and some bed jumping

Spence and I are so thankful that our boys are friends and they truly enjoy one another.  We look forward to what their relationship will be as they grow. 


YaYa *Cyndi* said...

cough, cough is right.. yep.. he is you.. in a nutshell!
Love you.. and them boys!!

Tara said...

That last picture of the two of them is precious! I think it worked to get a smile on Ben's face!