Tuesday, November 8, 2011

it's time to move

I am a country girl. I was raised on a beef cattle farm.
Spence is a city boy. He was raised in what can now be called straight up ghetto. He did move out to the country at 15, but has always held to his city boy roots.

You could understand why I would be confused and concerned by this:

This is Spence fishing on a ladder over our back fence into the rentention pond behind our house. Someone please take my husband fishing before we are asked to leave our neighborhood.

Oh and for those couple of men who care, no he didn't catch anything. Yes, he did have to jump the fence to save his line after it got caught up in all the grossnes of the pond. And for the women, no, I wouldn't have cooked anything that came out of the foulness that lives behind our house.

1 comment:

YaYa *Cyndi* said...

Bahahahaah... Bahahahahaa... whew... bahahahaha.. snort, hahahaha... gotta love that boy..

he can come here and fish.. might not catch anything.. but he can practice..