Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Awana Cubbies

Our church provides the Awana program. It's a pretty great program for ages 3 to 6th grade (Awana has materials for 2 year olds, but Summit begins at 3). It teaches scripture memory and Bible lessons in a fun way. This is Zeke's first year participating. It started off pretty rough. Lots of crying, refusing to tell his teachers his verses, and a class change to help him get adjusted. But Zeke is now soaring. The picture quality is pretty terrible, but I did catch Zeke on camera the night he got his vest and book. (I'll get a picture of him wearing the vest soon)

He was so proud of himself (I was so shocked he actually went on stage)

He saw me and immediately ran to show off his goods

"I got a book AND a vest"



Tara said...

We love AWANA, and my kids ADORE Cubbies too!!!!!

YaYa *Cyndi* said...