Monday, November 21, 2011

Ben has a meeting

The other day, the boys and I had to take Spence to work.  When we told them we were doing this, Benjamin insisted he also had to work.  He then informed us he had a meeting.  When I asked who he was meeting with, he promptly replied Sarah.  For those of you that are not Summi-goers, and for those that are and do not know, Sarah is the rock-star of kids ministry in my kiddos eyes.  I have to say I am pretty dang partial to her as well. It's been fun serving with Sarah since she was in college and in one of our toddler classes to where she is now the Preschool Director Extraordinaire (my personal title for her)
When we arrived at the office, we encountered a problem... Sarah evidently skipped out on the meeting...

 So, Ben gave her a call.  Things started pleasant (he was smiling)

But things quickly got serious when he realized she would not be making the meeting...

Sarah, thankfully got to the office from another early morning meeting in time to see Ben as we were loading up the van.  But Benjamin is waiting on her to reschedule.  We will see if he pays her back with a no show or not.

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