Monday, October 10, 2011

Zeke and Ben are proud to announce...

they are excited to be having a baby sister.

We took the boys with us to the doctor for a beautiful family moment... enter our crazy kids. Ben flipped as soon as I sat on the table and demanded I get up. Zeke began asking to go home as soon as Dr. Brannon squirted that jelly on my belly. Spence held both boys crying while we found out the big news.
We decided to share our news in a fun way with our parents.

this is what our ride to tell looked like
yes, those are the boys tucked in back there

Ben loved playing with the balloons

this is his "I'm having a sister face"

This is Zeke's "you better not mess with my sister face"

"and if you do, this is what we will do to you!"


YaYa *Cyndi* said...

I'm so excited!!!

Jena-Marie said...

I'm probably more excited than I should be! AHHHHH!!!! I can't wait!!!

Tori said...

Where are baby girls latest pictures??

Su said...

I always stop in at the "big announcements". . .so glad to hear you are pregnant. . .and that it is a girl!! When are you due?? Did I miss that. . perhaps I need to scroll thru the posts. I am thrilled for you.