Thursday, October 20, 2011

Earthly dad vs Heavenly Father

Warning: this post will contain zero pictures.

God has been working on something in my heart recently and I have finally gotten around to sharing it with you. A few weeks ago, Spence spoke at our Young Professionals gathering. (if you want more info on that visit here) He spoke on the Lord's Prayer. Before you hit the snooze button because you have heard so many sermons on this topic, you really should listen to what God laid on Spencer's heart. It was a fresh perspective and was great for me to hear.

What really came out to me though was my thoughts on how I approach God. Spence quoted Richard Foster from Celebration of Discipline, "Of all the spiritual disciplines, prayer is the most central because it ushers us into perpetual communion with the Father". Wow! I can have constant communion with God through prayer. This isn't just your "please give me patience" as you're losing it with your kids or "heal such and such" when you read on Facebook that someone is sick. This is walking so closely with the Lord that prayer is like breathing.

This led me to think that maybe I am coming to God in the way that I tended to go to my dad. When I needed gas money or something fixed, I went straight to my dad because I knew he would come through. This has taught me some great things in just being able to look at God as my provision, but it has also taught me to only go to God when I need something.

God runs to those in need, but that can not be the only time I interact with Him. He is the most high rescuer. But whether he solves that temporary problem or not, wat I need to remember is that He saved me from my ultimate death. He has rescued me from an eternity of hell.

I need to keep this fresh on my mind and heart through out my day. My prayer is that I will keep the gospel very present through out my day. This is also my prayer for you. If you don't have a personal relationship or you don't feel like you want to even have an approach towards God I would love to talk to you more about how you can.

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