Monday, October 24, 2011

NC State Fair 2011

There is a serious lack of pictures this year. The boys are much harder to keep up with this year :) I love the fair and would go everyday if I could. While at Meredith, I typically went about 4 times each year. Spence tolerates us going. I am thinking the boys will be following in my shoes with my love for the fair. A first that we had this year was that Benjamin went on the ferris wheel with Spence (Zeke wanted no part of it!) Sadly that isn't one of the pictures I got.
I thought it would be fun to give my fair tips:
*Go on a weekday
*Go early in the day
*Pack some snacks for your kids and your own drinks (save the money and buy more food)
*If you have kids, take a stroller
*Things to eat: Al's Fries, Roasted Corn (my fave is from the cart near village of yesteryear, next to the booth with the huge strawberry balloon on top of it), NC State icecream, mini donuts, fried snickers
*Things to do: feed the animals in the petting zoo, visit the animal exhibits, PBS tent, emergency vehicles, in the poultry tent you can hold the baby chicks and ducks, people watch (seriously the crazies come out)

Here are our few pics from this year:

Zeke loved the corn again, next year I am getting him his own!

The boys found these random pumpkins and wanted pictures taken

Ben kept playing these pimpkins like they were drums


Tara said...

I second your tips and food advice!!! Id go everyday too! Love the fair!!!

Jenn & David said...

thanks for the tips! Cannot wait until next year! Looks like you all had a blast.

YaYa *Cyndi* said...

Looks like the perfect day!