Monday, October 10, 2011

Snip, snip, snip

This is the little boy who lives at our house now...

This is what he looked like:

Please notice those lush locks of sweet curls, ok they were baby fine locks, but still. We did it. Spence won. I lost. I really wanted to keep all those cute curls and Spence has been begging for me to get his hair cut so people will stop telling us we have a cute little girl.

So, I did it. I got my friend Abby to give me the info on the guy who does her boys' hair, I said a prayer for Mister Bryon, made the appointment and said a prayer for the unknowing suspect (that would still be Mister Bryon and not Benjamin)...

Mister Bryon had no problem with the freak-picture-taking-almost-in-tears-hormonal-mama

Please notice the adoration on Ben's face. Mister Bryon let him choose his cape (Toy Story), sit on the big chair, gave him a truck to play with and put on Elmo...

I mean who wouldn't adore this guy. I want him to cut my hair I think

My baby becoming such a big boy

So not amused by the paparazzi that had gathered for the momentous occasion

Alright, fine, I'll give you one smile

I love how he watched in the mirror to see what Mister Bryon was doing

Giggled all the way through

Oh, sweet little hairs...

Thank you Mister Bryon!

Side note: while I do hate those doctors who do the whole Dr. First Name, I love the fact that Mister Bryon is called that.

'Nother side note: if you would like Mister Bryon's info, just google him. He is in Morrisville. You can make appointments online (amazingly simple). He set Ben at such ease and even gave suckers and a toy at the end. I had warned him about it being Ben's first time, but there was totally no need because Mister Bryon was such a pro.

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YaYa *Cyndi* said...

Oh.. those sweet, sweet curls... he went from a baby to a big boy in one clip.. sigh...
What an awesome guy you found!! Great job Mr. Byron!!