Friday, October 7, 2011

Benjamin at 2 years old

Profile of a 2 year old:
*I will update with his stats after our dr appointment Monday
Interests: balls, animals, make believe
Enjoys: anything Zeke is doing, tormenting Zeke, wrestling with daddy, paci (still...)
Turn-Offs: leaving paci in bed, daddy leaving for work, mommy leaving him anywhere at anytime (oi seperation anxiety!)
Vices: tantrums like no other when he doesn't get his way, having to come inside (example, made to come inside for dinner and proceeded to rip the pin the lion poster from the door a couple days ago...and then got mad because it wasn't on the door)
Strengths: super snuggler, quick to forgive and move on, thankful spirit

Favorites of my 2 year old;
Foods: any fruit, french fries, any kind of snack
Songs: ABC or 5 Little Monkeys are sung all the way through each meal (we enjoy dinner theatre)
Shows: Mickey Clubhouse (as he calls it) but he doesn't really watch it, he has recently shown an interest in my fave movie for the boys Letter Factory! He talks about Toy Story a lot but doesn't actually watch it either
Books: really any book we are reading at that moment
Toys: sports stuff (golf clubs and balls, baseballs and bats, soccer), cars
Activities: anything outside, play doh, writing, attempting to use scissors

Ben is such a talker! He repeats anything we say and expecially is using some of Zeke's phrasing, such as "I'm not sure" "Mommy can't hold you, she's driving, stop crying, Zeke" and "I-don't-know". He can totally express anything he wants or needs now and does so using sentences instead of short phrases.

How Ben is like...
daddy- loves anything athletic and outside, must.eat.as.soon.as.awake
mommy- loves that paci (I had one when I was little and am quite partial to giving it to him now actually, it is a sanity saver), so grumpy when he wakes up

Treasuring Details of our 2 year old Ben
*still an early riser, sometimes at 4:30! Usually we can get him back to sleep, but that is only on the couch with us or with one of us laying on his floor while he is in his crib (yes both are super comfy options for mom and dad)
*wide emotional scale- meaning he expresses whatever he feels at that moment and expresses it clearly
*adores Zeke and always wants to be with him
*wears size 4 diapers (boy I was hoping to use up some of these left over 5s, but I'm gonna keep holding onto them just in case)
*misses his daddy so much while he is at work
*super, super clingy to mama, I can barely go into another room some days
*told me last weekend that his best friend is Lindsey (our friend from college who is in our small group, he seriously loves her)
*can still fit into 12 month clothes, but mostly wears 18 months. 12 month jeans are to small but the 18 months are so baggy it is funny
*wants snack all.day.long
*pretty decent eater, and will try most stuff once
*would live outside if we let him
*screams like a dinosaur (to which I respond that we scream outside and let him stand in the drive way until he is done- yeah our neighbors think we are weird)
*knows most colors and shapes and numbers
*this past weekend at church recognized the letter B on a sign
*I think we are ready to start potty training and will begin at the beginning of November
*we will be taking his paci this week :(
*can count to 10
*he has enough personality for about 10 people
*so observant, the other day I caught him with my contact case. He was dipping his finger into it (I had already put them in my eyes) and then putting his finger to his eye. Such a smartie!

He lights up with attention

Dressing up is a fave (even if it just with towels after bathtime)

Such a cutie!


Rachael Davis said...

I'm so thankful you are going to try potty training before we do! I need you to blog a play-by-play. I'm nervous about potty training a boy.

YaYa *Cyndi* said...

Sweet boy.. temper tantrums and all.. I can say that because I can leave him in the middle of one.. with you! haha...
Good luck with the paci and potty training.. I still have a couple of your paci's .. just in case you might want one again..
I love you baby girl.. !!!