Monday, October 3, 2011

Ben's Birthday Bash take 1

We had Ben's party Saturday. I have a combination of about 4 cameras worth of pictures so this cuteness is gonna have to doled out over a few days.
We did a Wild Animal Theme because Ben likes animals but also he is our wild animal. He told us leading up to the party he was going to be a lion at his party. (No, I was a mean mama and didn't let him dress up in a costume)

After everyone arrived, we played Pin the Nose on the Lion.

Zeke refused to wear the glasses
Zeke had to try to precisely fit the nose exactly into the spot

He even ripped off his name to make it fit better

Ben took a turn and loved the glasses


Such a ham!

Max's turn!

Maddie's turn!!!

Sophie's turn!!

Finished product

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