Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sweet, sweet Benjamin. I have one more month to savor all these bitty baby moments. He is quickly transitioning into a toddler. Here are some things that have changed over the past month:

*He gave up breastfeeding a week and a half ago.

*He isn't great at drinking anything ever, which has brought lots of worry to Spence and I. But we are working through it by tricking him into drinking anything in anyway that we can- using a straw, open cup, or different sippy cups.

*He cruises regularly and can stand on his own. He could totally walk. When he realizes that he isn't holding anything he slowly lowers himself down very controlled.

*He uses the signs for more and all done semi-regularly.

*This past weekend was his first overnight away from home with out us (something Zeke hasn't even done yet)- I'm pretty sure we struggled with it more than he did

*He still only has four teeth

Check those teeth out

Serious face

Loves his mommy

getting into trouble

Little photo shoot at my parents' house

Sweet country boy


Sarah said...

already?!?!?!!! love the pictures!! :)

Bobby and Brooke said...

SERIOUSLY??? Almost 1?

I can't believe it! He can keep growing if you ask me, as long as he doesn't start pushing me away every time I want to hold him!!

Love him!

ImaYaYa said...

Love my "Ben-ger-man"... such a sweet, sweet boy.. and trust me.. he did great spending the night with YaYa and PawPaw.. when can Zeke???