Monday, September 13, 2010


This is the newest phrase around our house. (well, that and “DINOCO BLUE”- name that quote and I’ll give you a cookie)

We are so very proud of Zeke. He has had an excellent first week of training. And I would even venture to say that he is daytime trained. The real test will be next week when we take him to church in his undies. This week I am going to work on taking little short trips out with him. Places like running to Target or going to visit dad at work.

Because I will want to remember here are the details of this past week:
Tuesday- 8 accidents, 4 successful trips to potty
Wednesday- 4 accidents, learned how to go on command
Thursday- 2 accidents, but one was because he was playing in the bathroom instead of sitting on the potty and one was at our neighbors
Friday- 0 accidents, and he asked and went at a neighbors
Saturday- 1 accident (with dad)
Sunday- 0 accidents

Big Boy Underwear!



josh said...

1. Dinoco Blue = Cars
2. Love that you noted the 1 accident was w/Spence
3. Good job!

Bobby and Brooke said...


Lori Gail said...

Why it's from Cars, of course!

Love the pic of the cute toosh!!!! :)

ImaYaYa said...

Even I knew it was from Cars.. because he's obsessed with that movie.. however, I notice none of the other commenters actually said what it REALlY was, did they?.. right? Right? hahah...
Now YaYa has to buy the dvd so I can be on top of things we will discuss Monday.. haha
Way to go Courtney!! Potty training can be stressful.. I'm very proud of you for the success Zeke has had!!