Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 3

Praying for his job
Today let’s pray for our husband’s job. Whatever it is that he does to ‘bring home the bacon,’ let’s ask that Jesus meet him there today.
We all know our husbands’ jobs well, so spend some time today personalizing your prayer in the way your husband needs them most. Try to take yourself out of the prayers. Don’t pray for what you would be pleased to see happen, but rather things that would bring growth to your dude.

Our focus:
· May his workplace be/become a place where he has freedom to show his creativity and use his gifts.
· That he would gain encouragement, specifically today, from his co-workers.
· That he would be effective.
· A thankful heart for a job that provides.
· Give clarity to any callings that the Lord may be placing in his heart.
· Professional growth.

Take a few extra moments to thank Jesus for giving your husband a job. For those of you who have the joy of staying at home with your kids make sure you have your heart right. Rather than comparing your life to the lives of others or wishing you had more to “show” for your life or sulking in the career you used to have, give thanks for a man who works so hard so that you can be a full-time mommy.

If your husband is between jobs right now, while your praying for direction, open doors, and new opportunity, also pray for his emotional state. That he would feel valuable, significant, and loved.

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The Gardners said...

Great post. You have no idea how much I needed to read that.