Monday, September 20, 2010

Spence's belated birthday celebration

We had to delay Spence's birthday celebration until this past week. I booked a night in Chapel Hill for us. We stayed at The Franklin Hotel. We walked Franklin St., ate yummy pizza, and had dessert. We thought we were going to get a great night sleep, but instead the fire alarm went off at 5 am. I guess this was just to remind Spence of his college days :) We did get to sleep in and have a DELICIOUS breakfast. We got a complimentary breakfast, but it was made to order. I had french toast and Spence got a waffle. Then we headed home to our sweet boys. It was a wonderful short get away. Thanks, Don and Julie for keeping the boys for us! Happy late birthday, babe!

Our terrace

RIP Ham's :(

Looking down Franklin St (back towards campus)

Looking the other way (towards Carboro)

Spence enjoying the tv and comfy bed in our room

I ADORE a King size bed :)

OH YUMMINESS of Sugarland!


Christina said...

Hams closed? noooo!!! I'm coming up next weekend and was planning on eating there! :(

A Southern Accent said...

Hi Courtney! Found your blog at Stir Crazy Mom's of Durham! Just wanted to say hi from another Durham blogger!