Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sites I love

Here is another installment of sites that I love. Hope you enjoy visiting them as well

  • She Worships- This is a blog written by a friend, Sharon. We met Sharon through the Summit. Her blog is basically a place she can share her thoughts on theology and women. She uses it as she is walking through life and learning more from God. She has some great insight on women and I always enjoy reading her thoughts.
  • Leading and Loving It- This site was actually introduced to me by Sharon. It is pretty cool. It is a collaboration of some pastor's wives. There is a blog, virtual community groups, resources (like the prayer guide I am using this week), and virtual conferences. I am still digging into this one, but am really enjoying what I am gleaning.
  • Totally Tots- SUPER cute site. It is totally up my alley. It is incorporating great books with lessons that center on God. This is something I am looking for with activities I do with Zeke. I don't want our Bible time to be the only time we talk about God during our day. I want to look at everything through the lens of Christ and then filter everything down through that. This site has lots of cute ideas AND they keep a running list of giveaways going on, SCORE!

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