Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hapy, happy birthday! What a fun birthday this one is. For those that haven't heard, Amber, my Amber, is engaged!!!! I haven't gotten the whole scoop, yet (give me some time people she has been in the bush with her family and fiance!), but I can't wait to hear! This is a picture of Amber and Trent that I stole from her blog.

In honor of your 29th birthday, I have 29 facts that I love about you, Amber. As a fun way to show your love and excitement for Amber, please leave a comment about something that you love about her.
1. She has my back no matter what
2. She made a bib for Zeke that says I love my Awesome Auntie Amber
3. Her favorite color is purple
4. She went to NC State
5. and she is a Duke fan
6. and somehow we are still friends...
7. When we met, she could have cared less about me (she doesn't even remember it)
8. She has attended Homestead Heights/The Summit FOREVER!
9. She was a horticulture major
10. When she applied to work at the church, she told Angie Field that she didn't want to be "a glorified babysitter" and still got hired
11. When I told her we were pregnant with Zeke, I'm pretty sure she was as excited as me
12. When I told her we were pregnant with Ben, I'm pretty sure she was as surprised as me :)
13. She wears fabulous earrings
14. She has great boots that she had to hide while working at the church for fear of mockery
15. She L.O.V.E.S. Africa
16. If given the choice between Wendy's and McDonald's, she chooses Mickey D's
17. She looks good wtih short or long hair (not sure if this is really something I love or am jealous of)
18. She can't watch The Office, it's too awkward for her
19. She A.D.O.R.E.S. kids
20. She can use a flipper flapper like nobody's business
21. She has a great God story about how He brought her and her soon to be hubby together
22. She is my very best friend
23. She has a Master's degree from Southeastern
24. She plays the violin
25. Whenever I needed chocolate, she always had some
26. She goes to Cookout and gets an unsweet tea with a little sweet
27. She is an encourager
28. In times of crisis or joy, I still pick up the phone to call her
29. She is my very best friend (yeah I know I said it already, but it needs to be repeated)
OK, now tell me what do you love about her?


The Coxes said...

I think Amber is pretty awesome too! She is amazing with kids, no matter their age or nationality. I really enjoyed serving beside her in S. Africa for 10 days. Though neither one of us like it, I appreciated that she too had a finky (is that a word?) stomach while we were in Africa. It made me feel better to know I wasn't the only one. Oh and she loves 5 Rose Tea.

veronicagreear said...

She made my one of my favorite blankets for both Kharis and Allie.