Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ben's world at 19 months

Benjamin has hit 19 months! We don't go back to the dr for a well check until October (hurray!)

Enjoys: throwing balls, tackling, reading bookds, spending time outside
Turn Offs: being told no, Zeke telling him what to do
Vices: short-tempered, throws EVERYTHING, does not wake up well, going through a clingy stage
Strengths: snuggler, tries so hard to communicate all needs/wants, very physical

Favorites of my 19 month old
Foods: pizza, strawberries, french fries
Shows: still doesn't prefer anything, but will watch a couple minutes if Zeke is watching
Books: any of the library books, little foam books with punch out pieces
Toys: cars, shopping cart, kitchen,
Activities: playing outside, rolling cars, water play

How 19 month old Ben is like his...

mommy - a bit temperamental

daddy - loves to be outside

Language Update:

Benjamin has increased his words a ton recently. He strings along 3 and 4 word phrases. He is spontaneously saying things like "Thank you, Zeke". We are working on saying "I want ___ please". Weare also working on his second syllables of words. He tends to drop the second syllable, makes almost like a threw the nose kind of sound, or just growls it. It is actually kind of cute and funny. I am not worried about it yet, but I am working on him actually saying words correctly. He can say most things when he slows down and is made to say them the right way. He is also trying to sing songs that Zeke sings all around the house. He loves to pray also and will say "God, thank you" and then list people and end with "amen".

Treasuring details of my 19 month old:

  • Ben is beginning to become a bit more independent with play. He has typically been pretty clingy and needing mom or dad to engage in play. But recently he has started initiating play on his own or with Zeke.

  • He takes 1 nap and sleeps about 11 hours a night. He still wakes up with some hard moments a couple nights a week. I think he needs more sleep because he always wakes cranky, but we will take what we can get

  • His favorite person is Zeke. He asks for him as soon as he wakes up and wants to be with him all the time. It is super cute to see them come back together after being apart (like at church)

  • He LOVES shoes. He puts on our shoes all day long.

  • He also is very physical and tries to do flips, tackles, climbs on E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G., runs all over the place (and often away from me)

  • He is quite mischevious and is testing his boundaries. He looks at us when he does something he knows not to do and grins. The other night in the bathtub he would stand up and look at me, grin and say "sit on bottom" then sit back down. He did this over and over again.

  • He will eat any fruit you put in front of him, yay!

  • But pretty much won't touch a single veggie

  • He asks for milk and cereal all day long!

  • He has increased his milk intake to about 4 glasses a day instead of just 2 (this is really only 2 cups worth, but we give him half a cup at a time so he doesn't waste it)

  • Loves to play golf, baseball, basketball, soccer, basketball.

  • My fave is when he "runs the bases" and yells out "fist base, secon base, fird base, home, safe!" and slides across the floor

  • He knows all his facial features

  • He knows his animal sounds

  • We are going to start working on colors, counting, and ABC's soon

  • He is showing potty interest. He goes with Zeke everytime we go to the bathroom. He tells me when he needs a change after he poops. I am not pushing it and will maybe start in a couple months really working on it

  • He doesn't really like when we have to leave wherever we are.

  • He doesn't like being strapped/held down in anyway, diaper changes, carseat, or stroller.

  • He cries from wherever he is "hold you, hold you, hold you" and it is adorable to hear