Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm about to let you in on a secret... Frankie's Fun Park doesn't charge for 3 years and under to play putt putt. Sha-BAM, we just found a great activity for $7 for our family (Spence plays, I do not). Zeke got to play last year at the beach, but this was Ben's first time actually playing. Zeke did a great job hitting the ball and then when he got tired of putting each hole, he just picked it up and put it in the hole. Ben kept trying to hit the golf ball like it was a baseball, loved spotting water all over the course, and stealing Spence's ball and putting it in the hole. Spence... well Spence learned to play with LOTS of obstacles.

This sums up our entire game

Sweet boys

Golfer Zeke

Ben looks thrilled

i ADORE this pic


This made us think of our friend,

too bad his bday is in January or you could create a whole party around this

Namesake picture for one of the Brown girls

HELLO? Anyone home?

Poor, poor Spence, he definitely had to up his skills

Saying goodbye to our balls, this was just before Ben had a break down

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Catherine said...

Carson will freak when he finds out that there is a ship named after him! And for seven bucks, we will be making a trip to Frankies SOON! Thanks for the tip :)