Sunday, May 1, 2011

African Cats

Spence and I decided to take Zeke to see his first movie. We asked our neighbor to watch Ben and the three of us headed out. Zeke was excited to be with just us with out Ben and we tried to explain about the movies. We got there early and got popcorn and a Sprite (his first soft drink ever as well). Zeke kept talking about the "big tv" and asking to watch "sports" (what he calls ESPN). He loved the popcorn. When the previews started he got so excited and then the Cars 2 preview came on. He literally was screaming their names. When the actual movie started, he was so sweet and cute I cried. I wanted to stand up and point him out to everyone there. He kept saying "Do you see that?" "What kind of animal is it?" "It's a lion!" We made it about an hour and ten minutes, but then the armrest became more interesting than the movie. He was not happy at all about leaving. We are pumped about taking him to see Cars 2 when it comes out in June, and he is still talking about seeing Lightning and Mater and the lions.

Getting ready for the movie

first taste of movie theatre popcorn

This was after our quick exit where he cried the whole way to the car

(PS I wouldn't recommend skipping nap to take your kid to see their first movie)

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ImaYaYa said...

Sweet!!! Your first movie was Snow White.. you hated it.. hahah