Thursday, April 7, 2011

Benjamin is a year and a half!

Profile of an 18-month-old Benjamin

We go to the doctor on the 14th, so I will update then.

Enjoys: being outside, shoes, snacks, saying "KEBA" and calling for Keva, but then ignoring her Turn Offs: coming inside, being away from mama, being told no Strengths: can do physical things that he should not be able to do (we found him on a shelf above a desk recently, and he can lift things that are probably 1/3 of his weight), adores his brother and imitates him well,

Vices: tantrums, yelling "MINE!", throwing things

Favorites of an 17-month-old Ben: Foods: french fries ("Prench Pry"), fruit, most carbs Songs: My God is so Big, Wheels on the Bus, God's With Me (not sure this is the title, but it's a song we sang at Family Worship Nite last week) Shows: Tinga Tinga Tales, new show on Disney (one complaint, it is set in Africa and I am pretty sure they do NOT have Jamaican accents there)

Books: any library book we have

Activities: putting shapes into the sorter, climbing ANYTHING

New Words: I am sure he has new words, but what has amazed us this month are his sentences. He is just talking so much more and putting together 3 and 4 word phrases.

How 17-month-old Benjamin is like his...

mommy - apparently insomnia is running in the family lately :/

daddy - loves being outside

Moments to treasure:

Such a big boy when go to the museums now

Is into pretend play already

100% all boy

Is pretty game to let me try stuff (at least until he starts crying)

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Bobby and Brooke said...

What?!?! 18 months?!?!?! That amazes me!!!! What a sweet boy!