Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last weekend, the Shelton crew drove down and the Phillips crew drove up to meet the Stinsons, Browns, and Coxes in Charlotte. We had it all planned out. 5 families, 13 kids ranging in ages from 12 years to 4 months. We would all get there, eat dinner together. Then we would split up dads with some kids and moms with some kids for bedtime. (The Coxes went back home since they still have a bitty baby) Then we were going to regoup, hang out, grab lunch and then drive to our houses. The first part of the plan went well, but then literally 5 minutes after the dads left, Ben woke up. We drove around with him, left him to cry, held him and let him watch tv. He ended up waking up Zeke. So, my two boys and I ended up downstairs with the moms. I was threatening to drive home at 2 am. The girls talked me down. April took over with Ben and got up with him the rest of the night. I slept with Zeke in a twin bed. Oh, and during all this Jack woke up and Brooke was up all night with him as well. By 7 am, Brooke and I were packing to go home. We called the boys and decided we had all had enough fun for one day. Even in the chaos, I am so glad we did this. There isn't anyone else I would rather have sat up all night with crying babies. I love ya'll!
Here is a quick breakdown of the families:
Browns- in seminary had Averie (12) and Austin Kate (8), have since had Atalie (1)
Coxes- have 2 kids now, Owen (2) and Oliver (4 months)
Phillips- had Kate (5) in seminary, have hadded Ava Grace (3) and Jack (1)
Stinsons- had Avery (7) and Addison (5) in seminary, and have Paisley (2)

Look at this sweet smocked girl with her car!

HR derby, fave pasttime

This is Jack, but we kept talking about how much he looked like Kate.

We added a bow and proved ourselves correct.

All the kids loved the trampoline

Brooke and Jack

Kids minus Ben who was already in bed

I had to include this because April is gonna kill me when she sees it!

Poor Pais was caught at the wrong moment.

Sweet Ata cheesin'

Averie and Ava Grace all snuggled up

yeah, this was at some random time in the night

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Tara said...

Oh how fun! I'm so jealous that you got to see Brooke! Sorry about your wakeful night, but looks like fun nonetheless! And yes, Jack is a mini Kate!!!