Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Africa came to visit

Alright, I have neglected this post for awhile. So, get a drink, get comfy and dig in. My BFF Amber and her hubs (and his parents) came for a 3 week visit. Real quick recap: Amber moved to South Africa in 2009. The "plan" was for her to be there for 2 years as a Journeyman. Instead she met Trent and now they are married. I am beyond thrilled for her (even though quite a bit sad that Africa now gets her and I don't). She and Trent came into town so that everyone here could meet him and also for him to get a glimpse of her former life. It was a wonderful 3 weeks and I miss her terribly. I was so busy soaking up every moment with her that I took exactly ZERO pictures. These are all stolen from her family.
We had a reception for Amber and Trent. It was really cool. They incoporated things from their wedding in Africa. Trent got up and told about how God's hand has worked their relationship to be. Trent got to meet a lot of people from around here all at one time, fun was had.

We hung out at Duke Gardens one day. I dressed my boys in their UNC gear. Trent played soccer with the boys, and Amber showed us all the different plants/flowers.

We celebrated Trent's bday at Hardees (his choice, I know right?!)

Amber and Trent are both rockstar musicians. (as in they played for a Piper conference in Africa, yeah and they met him). They played with our band one Sunday morning.

We prayed for Trent and Amber before they left. This is literally moments after she and I clung to one another and said our goodbyes. Oh, and Danny was recounting the "I called it" story about how he predicted their relationship years before Amber even moved.

Trent and Amber came bearing loads of fun gifts. We haven't tried all the goodies and I also haven't taken pictures of us trying everything. (I know, I've been slack) Here are a few:

Yummy RSA chocolate cookies

Spence gave a thumbs up

Zeke gobbled it right up

Ben kept saying YUMMY

These are like M&Ms, but a thicker shell

This is the weird picture on the back of the box.

Spence likes

Ben really likes

And Zeke devoured them

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