Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We had a whirlwind morning with both boys waking up crying and us bribing them with their baskets. (we generally do baskets after nap because no bunny is coming to our house anyway) We went to church which as always is amazing. I love BC South and Matt Papa leading us in worship. My fave parts of the day were singing with my boys in kids worship, Spence baptizing, and finding out that sweet Caroline was baptized by her dad. Then we came home, the kids napped and I prepared myself for the chaos that was about to happen. We had 4 families over for linner/dunch (you know that time between lunch and dinner or I guess it could be lupper or sunch if you call it supper instead). It was crazy with 10 adults and 12 kids ranging in age 8 to 1 year. We ate great food and had a blast celebrating together.
Here is a picture recap of the day:

Zeke's basket

Ben's basket

6 am basket time fun

Notice that Zeke is still in his chair, but we put Ben across the room to avoid fights

The moms (aka "My Girls")

Jill, Michal, Keva, Abby, me

The dads

Chris, Heath, Chris, Spence, Trevor

Ben spent the entire time harrassing anyone and everyone he could get near

We shoved the big kids outside the ENTIRE time

Girls play so differently...

Z parked himself and people came to play with him

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ImaYaYa said...

Looks like you all had a great time!! Zeke has it all planned.. and I'm afraid you're only just beginning with that precious boy Ben...

Loveyou, meanit!