Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zeke at 2 and a half

I haven't updated about Zeke since his two year update. He is definitely due for one, so much has changed since August.
He weighs 32 lbs. I'm not sure of his height, but he had grown for sure. He mostly wears 2T clothing, but can wear some 3T shirts.
  • Enjoys: books, Little Einsteins, Cars characters, playing fumble-roo-ski with Dada and Ben, praying and singing songs
  • Turn-Offs: being told "no", putting on shoes and coat (likes going places, but hates the getting ready process), the end of a movie
  • Strengths: great memory, heart for praying, thoughtful brother, pretty athletic
  • Vices: throwing tantrums, choosing to play instead of nap, extremely picky eater

Favorites of Zeke currently:

  • Foods: chicken nuggets, french fries, peanut butter on ANYTHING, candy, fruit
  • Songs: Fruit of the Spirit, My God is So Big
  • Shows: Little Einsteins
  • Books: a Lightning McQueen book, a truck/car book that makes sounds, any library book
  • Toys: Lightning McQueen, Doc, Mater, Harold the helicopter (from Thomas), balls
  • Activities: riding his bike around the house, going to Marbles or Museum of Life and Science, playing at Chick-fil-A, playdates

Things I don't want to forget:

  • very structured in routines
  • likes to pray
  • pretend play is emerging ("I'm like a kangaroo" and then bounces around the kitchen)
  • sleeps really well at night
  • still loves his cup of milk and Sports Center in the morning
  • tries not to hit Ben, but instead will block Benjamin out of the play area that he is trying to play in
  • could read for hours
  • loves his big boy bed and enjoys showing it off
  • very much a big boy instead of a baby

he stacked his pillows up and fell asleep behind them one day

Silly cheese face that he makes


Anonymous said...

Hey - I love reading these updates. Keep em coming!

ImaYaYa said...

Love, love, love that kid!!!
He "read" me Brown Bear, Brown Bear from start to finish Monday!!