Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thanks, Amber!

My bff, Amber, got married on New Years Day. I was heartbroken to not be there, but with everything going on with Ben I definitely think we had made the right decision to stay home. That doesn't make me any less wishful when I look at the pictures from her day. Anyway, Amber you know we love you and can't wait to meet Trent.

Amber sent some goodies home with her mom (seriously she got married and my kids and I get stuff, who is this girl?!). She sent some wallpaper stickers (that will not be going on any walls) for the boys, a streamer that was hanging at her wedding for people to take to remember to pray for her and Trent, and then a little carved figurine that we have yet to find out what the deal with him is (skype soon, yes?).

This is the boys reaction to the wallpaper stickers thing:

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ImaYaYa said...

hahaha... too cute..
Get a posterboard and let those boys have fun with those stickers..