Monday, February 21, 2011

This is what our house looks like right now:

Zeke is entering his third week of hives. We have been to the doctor's office twice and they say this is just a virus and how it is showing itself.
Ben has had some stomach issues since Thursday. He hasn't eaten even half as much at any meal as he typically does. He has just been puny, whiny, and miserable. I took him to the doctor today and they said he has a stomach bug. This afternoon, he busted out in hives.
I am still battling constant nausea, and the whole first trimester exaustion. Spence has been a superstar taking care of the three of us, but I'm sure he can only handle so much more.
This post isn't to make ya'll feel bad for us or anything like that. It is purely to say that I will return once we are feeling a little better and I am not wanting to be asleep by 9.


Tara said...

Oh no, Courtney! I am so sorry! We've had colds/tummy issues too~ Aren't you so ready for spring and these germs to go away?!?

Bobby and Brooke said...

Bless your heart! I am so sorry for all of the illness and pray that God gives you LOTS of strength to get through each day! Be sure to take care of yourself! Love ya!

Zach and Laura Hanlon said...

I can NOT imagine what your life is like. I'm sure these are the days where you question what was I thinking having kids?? I hope everything calms down quickly and you will experience some very sick-free, happy, sunny moments soon! Praying for you girl!