Monday, February 7, 2011

Life with Ben at 16 months

So I am stealing the new way I will be doing my monthly updates from Rachael. I read this a month ago and loved the idea of organizing my thoughts a little better. So onto Benjamin at 16 months!
I don't actually know his height right now, but we did go in for a weight check today and he had gained a pound in a month!!! He is now at 21.6 lbs! HURRAY!

Enjoys: anything Zeke is doing, eating "nack", tackling dada, snuggling with mama, balls, cars, books, and pacis

Turn Offs: laying down for diaper changes, when mama leaves the room, being told "no", having his paci taken away, being dropped off at church

Strengths: LOVES Zeke, enjoys throwing things away, great climber, outgoing/engaging with others

Vices: throwing food, hitting his brother, waking up at an ungodly hour

Foods: french fries, anything that could be a snack, any fruit
Songs: Happy and You Know It
Books: Any that his brother likes
Toys: Cars and balls

New Words: Ben has really taken off this month and is putting words together. He is saying big kick, books, bus, Zeke, milk, and others that I can't think of right now

Other things to remember:
* the first thing he asks about when waking up from nap or night is "Zeke"
* he still doesn't really care for tv, but will watch about 10-15 minutes of a Baby Einstein
* he adores being outside, and cries when we come in
* he is such a lover and gives hugs and kisses freely, but in the next moment will throw a punch or head butt
*the mullet is gone
*he is finally cutting the missing 4 teeth and will have a total of 12 once these all come through

I can sneak in sometimes and catch him asleep with out waking him up

If he loves what he is eating he wears it!


Rachael Davis said...

I love this! (Don't tell, but I borrowed it from someone, too.)
When did you put a pillow in with Ben?
I've thought about it with Tucker, but he sleeps on his belly a lot, so I haven't tried it yet.

ImaYaYa said...

You forgot to post he can say YAYA!! That's very important!!
Love this little red head boy!!