Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We interrupt this program...

About once a year I find a way to hack into this site and say a few words. Then Courtney changes the password and I go back to the enjoyable role of reader here on the blog. But wanted to let you know how much Courtney appreciates the way you respond and encourage her on a regular basis.

The update
yes, this week is really shaping up to be one of the most physically exhausting weeks we've ever had as a family. Zeke threw up this morning and again tonight, Courtney actually took Ben to the doctor today because he cried for over an hour straight today and continues to be sick with the runs. And prego is ...well...pregnant! The stress from the boys I think is wearing on her body like it is on my brain. All that to say, your prayers and encouragement are coveted and received with more appreciation than we can communicate in writing.

Hopefully we will be on the mend by the end of the week. Thanks for checking in! talk to you again in 2012.

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