Monday, November 17, 2014

Last Day DISNEY DAY 5- back to Magic Kingdom

So, these photos are gonna be all out of order, but I can't get them straight, so I will explain as we go. Wednesday night ended up with Ben and Ellie throwing up.  Ben threw up a lot for a really long time so he was still really not feeling well the next morning.  Ellie on the other hand, threw up once and bounced right back ready to go.  Spence and debated back and forth what we should do with our last day.  We ultimately decided I would go with two kids into the Magic Kingdom, by myself.  Ya'll, did you hear me say I went into a park by myself?  It was an amazing day, though.  We were able to do lots, and Ben rested up with Dad and Haddie.  We were able to nap and then the whole family hit the park in the evening.  

I'm still in a bit of shock that I went with these two cuties into the park

We saw Mickey

We rode Dumbo, but they both really really enjoyed the play area before we rode the ride.  It was funny to me, but a good testament to kids loving to play

She was speechless meeting "the mermaid"

I snapped a couple really pretty pictures of the castle

love this one

Zeke is a pretty good photographer, and Ellie has fantastic posture apparently

This is "Puppy".  He hasn't left her side since we gave him to her, including going all through the park with us.  She kinda loves him a lot

While the boys went and rode Buzz and the Speedway, the girls went to see Minnie.  Ellie only wanted to see Minnie and refused to talk to Daisy.  She jumped and hugged Minnie

But she refused to have anything to do with Goofy

We were able to ride the carpets all together

Haddie really enjoyed meeting all the characters while Ellie was pouting and stomping.  Daisy kept trying to sign the boys autograph books that I was saving for Donal and Goofy's signatures.  She was pretty funny, but Ellie wasn't interested at all

Donald was really funny trying to get Ellie in the picture, but she was having none of it

She couldn't keep her eyes off her.

She even imitated her curtsy.  I melted into a puddle in the floor

This is us on the way out after we dominated the park

This sweet snuggle made me all teary

One of Ellie's favorite dances on Just Dance Disney is "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" so we had to meet Marie on our way out of the park.  We also met Pluto, but didn't get a great pic with him.

The Shelton Six with the Main Mouse

Haddie charmed Mickey

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