Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Disney Day 3- Hollywood Studios

Tuesday we went to Hollywood Studios.  It was our first time going to this park and we weren't quite sure about it.  We scheduled an early breakfast at Hollywood and Vine.  We were really excited to see some Disney Jr characters.  We took advantage of being in the park really early and snapped some pictures on the empty streets, too.

Breakfast was a buffet and pretty yummy.  The characters were Sophia the first, Doc McStuffins, Handy Manny, and Jake.  They walked around and met with everyone to take pictures and sign autographs.  Then they would all do little dances to their theme songs or parade around and let the kids join in.

After breakfast, we wandered our way down to Star Tours, only to see some Jedi training.  Which we found out we should have sprinted to get our kids signed up for because we missed being able to do that.  We will know for next time.  The boys rode the Star Tours ride and loved it.  Then we caught The Little Mermaid and Disney Jr shows.  After that we headed over to grab some snacks and ride Toy Story Mania using our Fast Passes.  The Green Army Men were all over the area and were so awesome.  The boys loved watching them playing hide and seek with each other.  We decided not to stand in the super long line to meet Buzz and Woody, and headed back to the room for a rest.

We came back and had dinner at 50's PrimeTime, (pictures of Haddie trying to eat a lemon HA) then tried to figure out what to do next.  We wanted to catch the Indiana Jones show, but the timing didn't work out.  We ran over to Toy Story Mania to ride it again.  Only to get to the front of the line and Ellie needed to go potty.  So the boys rode while the girls went out.  We thought about meeting Buzz and Woody, but the line got closed down while we were in the bathroom.  After the boys got done, we thought we would check out Honey I shrunk the kids playground, but it was closed. 

Hollywood Studios was a hard one to plan for because of it being more shows and having to know the schedule of those.  I felt like we did a lot of hurrying to just wait or things not even happening at all.  But the boys loved it.  Like loved, loved, loved it.  So, I think we would go back, but with a better plan after having been there once.

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