Friday, November 7, 2014

Disney 2014- Day 1

We left for Disney on an early flight on Sunday morning.  *Note to self for our next trip do NOT book a 9:30 am flight when you have 4 kids! We had to leave our house by 7:30 with all our stuff.  Not the best planning.  And probably why our start looked like this:

We made it to the airport parking and caught a bus over to the airport.  The kids quickly adapted to not being in carseats in prep for a week of bus rides

We caught our flight and I am pretty sure everyone was on pins and needles over seeing the two adults with four kids.  But these kids were rock stars and flew with no problem.  Haddie slept most of the flight, but did manage to spill my drink into my lap during her brief awake time.  The three big kiddos enjoyed playing games, coloring, and eating snacks.

We caught the Magical Express and rode to our hotel.  The kids loved seeing the awesome arch as we drove through.  It was about a 45 minutes drive, but there is a video about all kinds of Disney stuff that we watched while driving.  Oh, and of course more snacks.

We got to Art of Animation and even though check in wasn't for a few hours, they had our room ready.  We ran on down and got settled before going to grab some lunch in the restaurant.  Then we went swimming and played in the splash pad before grabbing dinner and getting to bed so we were ready for our first park day.

 I snapped a couple pictures of the room.  This is from the door of the table that pulled out into a single bed that was Ellie's.  Through that door is the bedroom where Spence and I slept and also a full bath.

This is from beside the murphy bed.  The green wall is a full bathroom.  There was a pull out sofa that the boys slept on.  Beside that was a mini fridge, microwave, and sink.  Across from the couch was a tv that the kids all loved watching a little good night movie that ran every 15 minutes in the evenings.

This is looking from the boys' bed back across the room.  We put both beds back up everyday so we had room to eat breakfast and have room to move around.  Every time we put the bed up, Ellie asked "mama, where my bed? where could it be?"  Then she would go over to the table and say "there it is!"

The kids loved seeing Mater, Ramone, Flo, Luigi, Guido, Sheriff, Doc, Sarge, Filmore, Lightning, and Sally.  I didn't get any pictures of our time at the Big Blue Pool that was all themed out with Nemo.  The boys enjoyed the pool and the girls enjoyed the splash pad.  Haddie was a wild child crawling all around. And Ellie loved playing with her toys in the little fountains.

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