Thursday, November 20, 2014

Halloween on the same day we return from Disney?!

Well, we are the crazy people who traveled back from Disney and immediately jumped into Halloween.  I mean what a week for our kids, right?  Insanity.  The kids did a fabulous job traveling back, but when we got home it was COLD compared to that gorgeous weather we had all week.  
The boys searched through all their costumes and chose Woody and Spider-Man.  We put Haddie in Ben's old monkey costume.  Ellie trie don 3 different costumes, but in the end refused to wear any of them.  So, she went as a "An Uncooperative 2 Year Old".  We went trick or treating with some friends in the neighborhood and had so much fun.  

Back on the Magical Express

It isn't as fun of a ride when you are leaving, but we still loved it even if it was super early to get out the door and on the bus.

My sweet sleeping girl was such a champ for the entire trip.  I went on and on about how Ellie did when we took her at 7 months, but that girl had us up walking around in the middle of the night because of waking up.  Haddie on the other hand, really rolled with whatever we threw at her.  She napped when and where she could and was just so so sweet the whole time.  She charmed everyone who saw her and didn't even make a fuss at all the whole time.

yeah, no words

that boy

nothing like a chubby little monkey

Best pic I could get of Ben 

Yes, that is her beautiful Cinderella costume that she refused to wear

As many of the kiddos as I could get in the pic

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