Friday, November 14, 2014

Disney Day 4- REST DAY

If you are going to Disney, I HIGHLY recommend a rest day in the middle of your trip.  It was so nice to not have any plans (well except a dinner reservation) for the day.  We woke up and leisurely made our way to Downtown Disney for the morning.  The boys were one tracked with the Lego store on their brains.  But were distracted in the World of Disney store by the "build your own light saber". They chose to spend part of their money on each making one while the girls and I wandered around and stared at all things Princess.  

We got to the Lego store.  We love seeing all the cool Lego things they have made and then the big kids all had fun building for a bit.  We let the boys combine their money left and they bought two Star Wars Lego sets (are you seeing a theme here?)

As we were leaving, we passed Rainforest Cafe (no we didn't go in and relive the nightmare of the dinner from 2012). We did run over to see the cool parrot though and the boys thought it was hilarious that she put him on their heads.  After this we headed over to Pop Century (next door to AoA) to grab some lunch and have a rest. While the girls rested though, the boys went swimming before dinner.

Dinner for the evening was at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The food was really yummy and mostly African in flare so that was really fun.  After dinner we happened to wander outside because I had heard you could see animals from the resort.  I am so, so glad we did.  I had been a little sad about not going to Animal Kingdom this trip, but seeing all these animals made me feel tons better about it.  Zeke and the cast members chatted quite a bit and they were impressed with his animal knowledge.  

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