Monday, November 10, 2014

Disney 2014 Day 2- Magic Kingdom

Our day started bright and early.  We made it to Magic Kingdom before rope drop.  Ya'll, did you see what I just said?  We, my family of 6, made it to Magic Kingdom before rope drop.  That meant that we were leaving our hotel room at 7:45 in order to catch the bus.  It was so so fun to see the opening show and watch my kids flip at their first siting of characters.  We planned to grab the train first thing to jet over to New Fantasyland quickly.  But the train was shut down for refurbishments.  We were a bit bummed until we realized oh wow all the characters are walking right in front of us.  It was so cool.  We changed our plan and headed up Main St. to go to New Fantasyland.

We went to Tales with Belle and Ben was cast as Chip.  It was so cute.  He hopped around and interacted with Belle and the other characters.  Then we got to take pictures with her and have her sign our autographs books.  It was Ellie's first character meeting, and she was mesmerized.  She barely could speak and just stared up at her.  

Then we rode a few rides.  We loved Under the Sea. Ellie screamed "it's a mermaid!" every single time she saw Ariel.  Spence and the boys headed to see about 7 dwarves while the girls and I headed to Winnie the Pooh.  But apparently something happened with the ride, so the boys came over with us.  Then we did Peter Pan all together.  After that we headed to see Cinderella and Rapunzel.  This. This was seriously magical.  Ellie was so excited.  She was just beside herself.  She kept wanting to hold both of Cinderella's hands.  And wouldn't let her go.  (BTW I almost caused Cinderella to break character when she asked how I got Haddie's bow on her head.  It was a highlight moment for me) Then when we saw Rapunzel, she wanted her to do the same thing with the hands.  The boys totally loved her and chatting with her.  She said funny things like calling the Sharpie a paintbrush and the autograph book a sketchbook.  They cracked up about that.  

After meeting the princesses, we grabbed some lunch and then went to the promised Buzz Lightyear ride.  We had to keep telling the boys it was coming if they would just get through the princess stuff.   Zeke and Spence and Ellie rode in one together and had a blast.  Ben, Haddie and I rode together.  In our picture you can see that Ben got a little freaked out in the ride.  After Buzz, we went home so the girls could nap and we could all rest before going back for a long night including the parade and fireworks.

Once we got back to MK, we grabbed dinner at Tony's and then ran over to meet Tinker Bell because there wasn't a long wait.  Ya'll.  Haddie said bye bye for the first time to Tinker Bell (or as Ellie says it Tinka-BELL).  She was giddy over meeting her.  Tinker Bell really was super fun and sassy to chat with.

After this, we had the kids' silhouettes made because it was my favorite thing from our last trip.  Then we went and staked out our spots for the parade.  While Spence held our seats, I ran around and got snacks for everyone.  We enjoyed our amazing Dole Whips while waiting.  The parade was awesome.  Ellie pointed at everything and waved and yelled the entire time.  Zeke and Ben used their light up Dusty toys and pointed out every single character.  Haddie fell asleep on me.  Once the parade ended, we started working our way out of the park.  We had decided we would walk out while the fireworks were going off, but changed our minds when we saw the castle changing colors.  Spence put Ellie on his shoulders, Zeke stood up in the stroller and it was one of those moments that will forever be etched in my mind.  Ben and Haddie both were asleep.  Our first in park day was in the books.  And honestly, I wasn't sure how we would top it.

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