Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Life with Ben (1 year 11 months)

Profile of a 23 month old:

  • Interests: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, anything outside, asking as many questions as possible

  • Enjoys: tackling/playing football with daddy and Zeke, eating snacks, reading books

  • Turn-Offs: being disciplined in any way, being away from mama or mama not meeting his needs to his exact expectations

  • Vices: Stingy- told some big kids (as in 5 and 6 year olds) at the playground they couldn't get on the slide the other day

  • Strengths: loves fiercely, big helper

Favorites of an almost...nope can't say it yet... Favorites of a 1 year 11 month old Ben:

  • Foods: any fruit, snack, sweet

  • Songs: Jesus Loves Me, ABCs, Wheels on the Bus, Row, Row, Row Your Boat

  • Shows: he will actually sit for a Tinga Tinga Tales, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Dinosaur Train now

  • Books: any library book or book that Zeke is holding

  • Toys: really into stuffed animals- sleeps with a stuffed Mouse, Monkey, and GloWorm, cars, and kitchen stuff

  • Activities: anything outside or with dad

Recent changes:

He has become such a talker lately. He sings full songs now. He talks in complete sentences. He asks a zillion questions all.day.long. He wants to know what song is on, who is talking, what color something is, etc. He constantly repeats Zeke (with Zeke's prompting often).

How Ben is like:

daddy: morning person, sad for mommy

mommy: temper, temper, temper

Zeke: brilliant- he knows his colors, he knows a lot of shapes, is working on his letter sounds and recognizing letters, and tons of other things

Treasuring details I don't want to forget:

  • Melts.my.heart by running over hugging me and saying "I love you, mommy"

  • Adores Zeke and wants to be with him at all times

  • hates when Spence leaves to go to work and tries to stop him

  • is crazy about Sarah Carver (Summit kids Staff extraordinaire + mommy's friend)- he told me yesterday he loves her and kept asking where she was when we were home

  • Screams like a banshee, and when he does this I have started to send him outside, he goes and stands on the porch or driveway and screams until he is ready to come back inside

  • really into pretend play already

  • is telling me to change his diaper (so I am gearing up to get ready for potty training)

  • he is mischevious, recently he figured out how to climb up our chairs and onto the island to get something he wanted

  • he doesn't really want to sit in his booster high chair, but in a "big boy" chair like Zeke

  • I love when I ask him something and the way he says "I don't know", I need to video this because it is so darn cute

  • I'm not sure how much longer I can hold Spencer off on cutting his hair, but I am in love with his curls that pop up all over

he is all about "I do it myself!"

He has the most infectious grin

TOTAL daredevil, I know we will be visiting the ER with him often

Rock climbing, anyone?

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