Friday, September 2, 2011

Who do you live life with?

As many of you know Spence is the Small Groups Pastor at our church, Summit Church. Small groups has become a huge part of our lives. Both of us were in Bible studies in college that met in someone's dorm room/apartment. We both learned about living life and getting close to people through studying God's word. After he came on staff and started smal groups at our church, we of course became a part of one. We have been a part of many different groups since then, I have been in women's groups, Spence has been in men's groups, and we have been in co-ed groups. These people, who often are practically strangers on that first meeting, have become the people we live our lives with. They are the people we call when we have a crisis, to come over to dinner, when we need a babysitter, when we just wanna hang out and watch Friends, and so much more. They celebrate with us and grieve with us.
So, here is my question for you: Who do you do life with? Who are the people who know what's really going on with your marriage? Who do you want to hang out with when you have free time? Who do you call when you need someone to pray for you? If you don't have these people in your life and you go to Summit, check out GroupLink at your campus this weekend and next.

Group social in our living room (YIKES! it was packed) (2011)

Women from my "divas" group (2007)

One of our Wake Forest groups (2006)

Scavenger hunt for one of our groups (yes, we did have to find a Santa) (2006)

Some of the women from our first small group (2005)


Anna said...

i LOVE all these pictures! So fun!!! The one of our WF group is crazy to look and see how the Lord has moved all of us in different directions! i might steal that one and do a post about that!

Keva said...

Wow!! Thats crazy. A trip down memory lane was nice!! Love all the pictures (: