Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Zoo Trip of Fall '11

I say first because I am thinking that we are going to be going about every other week until it gets too cold. We are already making plans for friends to meet up as a fun playdate (bonus no house getting wrecked by all the ankle-biters, I mean sweet children). We picked up YaYa on the way and had a great day. For the first time ever, we visited N. America to see Willie, the polar bear, before his big move to the Wisconsin Zoo. (we actually saw him on his last day on exhibit and had no clue!)

We always encourage safety first

So long Willie, have a great time in Wisconsin

Zeke kept saying "Wow, here it comes!" each time the sea lion swam by

We found a new favorite at the zoo... the playground!

Another new favorite that I didn't capture was the zoo bus :)

Ben is fearless and leads the way in all things new

"Elephant, come here!"

Simple things make us happy

Happy guy!

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Cyndi said...

fun, fun, fun day!!!