Monday, January 10, 2011


This is going to be a no pics post basically because I just don't want to download the pics form the camera. I'll be back to posting ridiculously cute pictures of the boys soon.

I called the geneticist today and was given the ultrasound and MRI results. Both came back NORMAL! Our sweet boy is gonna be fine. We will still keep an eye on the scoliosis, but we are no longer looking for other genetic stuff or spinal stuff or anything else. Thank you, Jesus!

We also had our 15 month well check today. Ben weighed in at 20.6 lbs (5%), 29.25 in (5%), and 25% for his head. Because his percentages have gone down some, we are going back for a weight check in a month. For the next four weeks, we are going to be pumping this kid full of calories. The nurse practitioner (who we saw today and L.O.V.E.) is not concerned at all, but she just wants to see that he can gain weight if we are really trying.

As far as things he is doing:
  • sleeping has been better recently, we have found if we can get him in the bed between 6:30-6:45 he will sleep until 7 or later, if we are closer to 7 or later getting him to bed thea earlier he gets up
  • jabbers, squeals, screams all the time
  • working on losing the morning nap (oh how I HATE this transition)
  • wants to feed himself everything including spooned food, which results in HUGE messes
  • makes these animals sounds: elephant, dog, cat, bird (signs this), duck, cow, chicken, horse, lion, dinosaur
  • follows commands
  • is a helper
  • plays well by himself, but loves to follow Zeke around
  • says: Zeke, mama, dada, I love you, makes the ambulance sound, nnnna (banana), NA (Nana), Yaya, car, ball, amen, vroom, and probably some other stuff that I just can't think of
  • is a bit michevious, he yanks things from Zeke and runs to keep them away
  • all boy, loves to tackle, be outside, run, climb, etc
  • reads books all day long
  • very clingy to mama and likes to be held alot!
  • still very attached to his paci, we are hoping to work on this
  • has 8 teeth


Jenn & David said...

what a praise that the test results came back normal!!

Meredith said...

glad to hear all is normal! dont worry about his weight..my 2.5 year old only weighs 21 pounds and isnt, and hasnt ever been, on the charts for weight! he'll catch up and so many dr's want to see our kids so chunky and i've just realized God made them perfect and He will sustain them and they'll grow according to His plan!